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PHP-Markdown-extra compatible Javascript markdown syntax parser

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ver 1.2
based on PHP Markdown Extra 1.2.5
originally developed by boumankan

This software was completely rewritten since version 1.2.
Developers who forked older master can rebase to the branch 1.0.

What's this?

js-markdown-extra is a experimental JapaScript port of PHP Markdown Extra.

PHP Markdown Extra demo

I couldn't retain complete comaptibility because of difference between PHP's regular expression and JavaScript's one, but it can convert most of simple markdown text. perhaps.


You can try in your hand.

Demo page

How to use

Load this script in HTML and call Markdown function.

    //example :
    var html = Markdown( text );



This software is based on BSD license.

Free for modification, redistribution and embedding if copyright included.


Shall we not be liable for any damages caused by this software.